The MSC is an independent, global, non-profit organization founded in 1997 to find a solution to the problem of overfishing. Its fishery certification program and seafood ecolabel recognize and reward sustainable fishing. Together with fisheries, seafood companies, scientists, fishery experts, conservation groups and the public, the MSC works to promote the best environmental choice in seafood.

For more information about the Marine Stewardship Council please visit the MSC homepage.

MSC Accreditation Process

ASI is the delegated accreditation body which operates the MSC Accreditation Program on behalf of the Marine Stewardship Council. ASI runs the MSC Accreditation Program according to international standards and based on the specific requirements of the MSC Certification Scheme.

MSC CoC and Fisheries auditors are required to complete and pass the MSC Online Training before a witness assessment can be scheduled. Please refer to the MSC Online Training homepage for more information and to register.

The scopes to become accredited for MSC certification are as follows:

  • MSC Chain of Custody (Single Site; Multi-Site; Group; Consumer Facing Operators, CFO), including ASC CoC
  • Fisheries (CoC a prerequisite).

If you are interested in becoming a certification body for MSC fisheries or chain of custody, find information about application here.

Upcoming Assessments


Acoura Marine Limited (Chile)
19 March 2018-23 March 2018


ME Certification Ltd. (Namibia)
05 March 2018-09 March 2018