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Public Consultation: IUCN GLPCA User Manual

Posted on 11 April 2016

The User Manual for the IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas (GLPCA), drafted by ASI, is now open for public consultation. Find further information here. You are encouraged to be a part of this process – read and reflect on the User Manual and make tracked changes and comments directly in the document, focusing on the…
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ASI Annual Report 2015

Posted on 06 April 2016

ASI is pleased to present the Annual Report for 2015, celebrating 10 Years of Trust.   The report highlights meaningful outcomes of ASI’s work, and includes: a look back on ASI’s history an interview with Managing Director Guntars Lagūns updates on quality, competence and finance photos from our globally-based assessors an overview of ASI accreditation…
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ASI publishes two procedures for FSC Auditor and Training Registry

Posted on 01 April 2016

ASI is pleased to announce the publication of two new ASI Procedures. ASI-PRO-20-112-FSC-Auditor and Training Registry V1.0 ASI-PRO-20-113-FSC-Auditor Registry Transition Procedure V1.0 These procedures are linked to the new FSC-PRO-20-004 v1.0 and FSC_STD-20-001 v4.0, all of which are effective as of 01 April 2016. Please note: The procedures apply exclusively to FSC accredited CABs and are…
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ASI publishes the Procedure for Witness and Compliance Assessments

Posted on 24 March 2016

ASI is pleased to announce the publication of the ASI Procedure for Witness and Compliance Assessments (ASI-PRO-20-111) which supersedes the Witness Guidance (ASI-GUI-20-105). The procedure is effective as of 24 March 2016 and can be downloaded here. The document also includes information on compliance assessments that was previously included in the ASI Surveillance and Sampling Procedure…
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