fsc100pxApproved FSC Training Providers

All FSC training providers need to be approved by ASI to assure adherence to the requirements of FSC-PRO-20-004 v1.2 and FSC-STD-20-001 v4.0.

Training Providers listed here have been approved by ASI. Click on the Training Provider to see approved courses and contact information.

Astra Academy – approved since 18 July 2017

CSI Spa. – approved since 09 October 2017

Exova (UK) Ltd trading as Exova BM Trada – approved since 12 December 2017

NEPCon OÜ – approved since 11 July 2017

Rainforest Alliance – approved since 30 October 2017

SGS South Africa (Pty) Ltd. – approved since 22 August 2017

Soil Association Certification Limited – approved since 24 October 2017


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