The ASI quality system is subject to a comprehensive annual audit and management review process to ensure continuous improvement. The internal audits and external reviews are performed to verify that the management system has been effectively implemented and maintained, and that it continues to conform to the requirements of standards it complies with (such as ISO/IEC 17011 or the ISEAL assurance code), to verify that personnel are acting in conformity with the documented management system and to look for opportunities for improvement.

To download the summary of findings report of the external peer review conducted in 2013 click here.

At ASI we conduct annual management reviews, which follow requirements set out in ISO/IEC 17011.

Furthermore, we have established procedures for the identification and management of nonconformities in our own operation. We make a conscious effort to take corrective action, if deviations from set procedures occur. However, ASI considers that prevention shall take precedence over correction.