One of ASI’s core values is to uphold objectivity and impartiality. In order to achieve this core value we have embedded several control measures in our quality management system. We recognize the importance of ensuring that accreditation decisions are, and are perceived to be, objective, impartial and independent. We do not allow our personnel or any other person or entity involved in or subject to the ASI accreditation process to perform professional activities, where an actual or potential conflict of interest exists. All personnel and committee members sign conflict of interest declarations either annually or for each assessment depending on their contractual relationship with ASI.

Any dissatisfaction concerning ASI, an accredited certification body or a certificate holder is treated with the utmost seriousness. If you would like to report a dispute, please see Dispute Management.

We are committed to providing a credible and transparent accreditation process, and we will deal fairly with any queries about our decisions. If you are a CB are not satisfied with an ASI accreditation decision, you can file an appeal.


FAQs  – ASI impartiality management