ASI is committed to seeking the highest quality and to delivering consistent and credible third-party accreditation services that meet or exceed our stakeholders’ expectations through:

    • Ensuring that accreditation and monitoring activities are performed in accordance with best industry practices by complying with relevant internationally recognized norms and internal requirements;
    • Promoting stakeholder confidence by granting accreditation only under the condition that full compliance against applicable standards, as established by the respective certification scheme owner and any other relevant requirements, is demonstrated;
    • Operating in an environment of transparency, fairness and impartiality, in which stakeholders are encouraged to contribute and actively participate in processes;
    • Evaluating and improving operations and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System via internal audits and management reviews, and identification and implementation of corrective and preventive actions;
    • Improving the quality of services delivered by encouraging teamwork, facilitating accountability and ownership of the quality policy and recognizing effort and performance;
    • Investing in personnel and ensuring competence through continual training, support and development, and providing satisfying work conditions in a secure and stimulating environment;
    • Exploring and investing in adaptive and innovative technological and analytical solutions to enhance oversight and effectiveness in all aspects of ASI operations and services.

At ASI, we know that teamwork, engagement and ownership are vital to each element of the Quality Policy, and we trust that all members of the organization recognize an individual responsibility to this policy.

Guntars Lagūns

ASI Managing Director

11 April 2016