The ASI team is made up of people with various areas of specialized technical expertise. We ensure that all ASI personnel are competent, take full responsibility for the implementation of their work and deliver quality services. We achieve this by investing in personnel through continuous training and development, providing them with satisfying work conditions in a secure environment.

Our training framework covers intense online and in-person induction training, as well as ongoing training modules. Induction training includes in-person generic training on ASI’s processes, quality management and database systems followed by program specific training. Program specific training involves document reviews, observation of onsite assessments as well as conducting assessments as a lead assessor observed by a senior assessor. Throughout the training period each trainee assessor is supported by a mentor, who is selected from our pool of senior assessors.

Ongoing training includes amongst others participation in the in-person annual retreat, in-person ISO training, ongoing program specific training, online modules including tests and regular program specific calibration meetings.

In order to maintain the assessor status, the ASI assessor must conduct at least 5 assessments per year.