Application Requirements

Any potential applicant organization has to be in conformance with scheme specific accreditation requirements and demonstrate that it can operate as a professional certification body.

There are two options if your company wishes to carry out certification work:

  1. Become an accredited certification body yourself or
  2. Work as an affiliate of one of the accredited certification bodies.

The second option allows you to gain more experience with the certification procedures and enables you to apply for accreditation at a later stage.

Costs of Accreditation

Accreditation Process

The initial accreditation process usually takes about 6-24 months, depending on the scheme and scope applied for as well as the readiness of the applicant.

Step 1: Review Certification Scheme documents

ASI recommends a careful review of the certification scheme documents before proceeding.

Step 2: Submit the completed application form

Please include all requested supporting information at the time of your application. The scope of accreditation must be clearly indicated on the application form. A fee will be raised for the Accreditation Application depending on the scheme you are applying for. Applications should be submitted to

Step 3: Be approved as an applicant for accreditation

ASI will review the application to verify its completeness. If approved, the applicant certification body will be invited to enter into a contractual accreditation agreement with ASI with applicant status.

Step 4: Document review

ASI will review the procedures and other documents submitted by the applicant including its Quality Management System.

Step 5: Initial assessments

In an office assessment, ASI evaluates the competence and capability of the applicant and verifies its compliance with Accreditation Requirements and the relevant Certification Standards. The applicant also needs to demonstrate that its auditors are qualified and show expertise to correctly implement the accreditation and certification requirements. This is confirmed at the applicant’s first audit.

Step 6: Granting accreditation

Based on the outcome of documents reviewed and initial assessments accreditation is granted initially for 3-5 years depending on the certification scheme following due process.

Application Documents