Dispute management is part of how ASI achieves its vision, mission and values. To safeguard the integrity of certification schemes and provide credible and independent assurance, ASI strives for a predictable and efficient dispute management system that addresses concerns and helps improve systems and practices. Our dispute management scope is primarily the performance and decision-making of the certification bodies (CBs) we accredit, which we assess through their compliance with accreditation and certification standards. Our remit therein includes, but is not limited to:

  • Addressing disputes regarding certificate holders (CHs), CBs, and/or ASI
  • Implementing resolutions that are binding (e.g. nonconformities against CBs) or non-binding (e.g. recommendations for best practices)
  • Seeking clarifications for standards implementation from certification schemes
  • Bringing systemic issues with standards implementation to the attention of certification schemes

ASI welcomes input from stakeholders and CBs and provides many options for managing disputes. Stakeholders can engage directly in audit processes, report incidents, and file formal complaints. CBs can, in addition, file appeals. ASI also welcomes generic observations and questions, be it about issues arising with certification in your region or questions regarding the process or the criteria applied.  Read through the list of options below to see how best to get involved. For more information, make sure to check out our FAQs.

Stakeholder consultation during audit
Accreditation Services International invites stakeholder input to improve accreditation decisions and address systemic issues with the certification schemes, certification bodies (CBs) and regions of the world where we work. Participating as a stakeholder in an audit is a positive first step to having your voice heard and your issues addressed.

Any time an issue arises in relation to CB performance and decision-making or in relation to certificate holder compliance with certification standards, anyone can report it to ASI. ASI will log the incident and determine if and when follow up is needed.

If you have an issue with the performance of ASI, a CB and/or certificate holder, you can submit a formal complaint to ASI. These submissions should be evidence-based and the complainant cannot be anonymous.

If you are a CB and have an issue with ASI assessment findings, you can file an appeal using the ASI Appeal Procedures. Please note that this dispute management process is only open to accredited CBs.

General inquiries
If none of the above options are what you are looking for, you can always submit a general inquiry to ASI at asi-info@accreditation-services.com or contact the ASI Office by post, email and telephone.




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