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– An open letter from Guntars Lagūns –

2016 passed quickly, which seems to be the usual habit of all years in recent times. But I should admit that I was very glad to return to my desk when 2017 started at last, and to get back to my normal daily routines after the year-end waiting and celebration stress.

At ASI we believe that the sustainability certification industry requires a rapid change, in business, standards and assurance models. Following this belief, we dedicated substantial time in 2016 to reviewing and setting up ASI’s new strategies.

ASI Staff

Our new strategic focus is not only how to serve our customers best, but also how our service can bring more value to them – and to all our industry’s stakeholders. We structurally redesigned ASI by constructing internal arrangements to best accommodate our strategies. Now, we will focus on operationalizing our strategies, making things happen.

We will share our strategic objectives in an upcoming newsletter, but to give a glimpse, it is no secret that we are actively promoting and developing initiatives to enhance the use of performance and risk data, in both the assurance and development of certification systems. But that is not all. A strong strategic focus is on improving our consistency and competence, increasing our efficiencies, and enabling scalability of our size and reach.

Great – with so many things to be done, we should never get bored. Welcome to 2017!

Guntars Lagūns

Managing Director