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ASI is pleased to announce the publication of three revised QMS Documents:

The Complaints Procedure was under public consultation from 02 to 27 September 2016 and included two public webinars. Feedback to comments was sent directly to participants in the public consultation. The procedure was updated to current best practice and aligned with internal work instruction.

Please note: An amended version of Complaints Procedure (ASI-PRO-20-104) with corrected numbering in sections 1.2, 4 and 5 was added to the ASI website on 04 January 2017.

The Surveillance & Sampling Procedure did not undergo public consultation, as the changes were minor and included the review and clarification of factors that affect sampling of Affiliate Offices. As part of this review, definitions related to affiliate, head office and subcontracts were updated in the ASI Glossary.

Find all ASI QMS Documents here, and please consult the Controlled List of Public ASI QMS Documents to be sure that you have the most recent versions.