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ASI welcomes CABs, scheme owners and other interested stakeholders to participate in the public consultation for the revised ASI-PRO-20-110-Traceability and Forensics. Please download the draft document here.

Please send all comments to Carl Ulrich Gminder, ASI Traceability & Forensics Coordinator.

The public consultation will close on 28 February 2018.


Background and Revisions

Three years ago ASI published its Traceability and Forensics (T+F) Procedure, defining procedures for T+F investigations carried out upon request of some of its Scheme Owners.

ASI has carried out a first revision of this procedure, aimed to improve the communication process and records between ASI and CABs and to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

In this review, ASI proposes T+F assessments as a type of desk review. T+F Assessments shall be created for a certain calendar year for a specific CAB. They shall cover all the findings resulting from T+F investigations over the course of the year and all the CAB’s Certificate Holders. Thus, T+F assessments will remain open all year.

According to the new procedure, management of findings shall follow ASI-PRO-20-106-Assessment Findings Procedure, with the following adaptations: findings undergo Technical Review and are signed off individually, CABs shall receive an updated finding report every time a finding is created, and shall have an opportunity to submit Errors of fact. In this review, timelines for these assessments were also specified and extended.

Overall, changes to current procedures for T+F investigations are minor, and all of them are considered to have a positive impact for CABs. Version 2.0 of the procedure will become effective one month from publication.

Meanwhile, ASI welcomes comments and suggestions from stakeholders to the draft version.