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IUCN announced on 21 November that its Council has formally approved the IUCN Green List Standard for effectively and equitably managed Protected and Conserved Areas and mandated its further implementation. ASI is proud to be a partner in the ongoing roll-out and assurance of the system.

ASI was involved in the development of the User Manual for the Green List Standard, an accompanying document to the Standard that details how to apply the IUCN Green List Standard to track, improve and verify the performance of Protected and Conserved Areas. Further, ASI will continue to serve as the global oversight body to ensure independence and credibility in the system.

Simultaneous to the Standard approval, IUCN has launched the Green List Standard Token in partnership with the Porini Foundation. The Token is an innovative way to raise funds for the Green List programme and will use blockchain technology as a backbone. ASI contributed to the IUCN whitepaper Fair Finances for Effective Conservation, which outlines the process for the Token sale and the opportunities this provides. The 4-day Token Presale begins on Sunday, 26 November.