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ASI is pleased to welcome the new members of its independent Appeals Panel (AP), an independent body of accreditation experts responsible for evaluating appeals raised against ASI’s accreditation decisions. Read more about the AP members here.

ASI has published a revised Appeals Procedure (ASI-PRO-20-103) effective as of 11 May 2017. The document underwent a major review, and has been updated to reflect best practice. The procedure includes explanations of review options (direct dialogue, internal investigation and appeals panel-AP investigation), addition of general conditions, and changes regarding the permanent Appeals Panel.

The Appeals Procedure was under public consultation from 02 to 27 September 2016 and included two public webinars. Feedback to comments was sent directly to participants in the public consultation.

ASI has also updated the Appeal Submission Form  (ASI-TPL-20-113) to reflect changes in the Appeals Procedure.

Find all ASI QMS Documents here, and please consult the Controlled List of Public ASI QMS Documents to be sure that you have the most recent versions.