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In September 2017, three new team members joined the ASI team to create the ASI Social Competence Center. Sanjiv Singh will manage the SCC, supported by Shoba Nayar and Asude Oruklu.

Sanjiv answered a few questions about the goals and functions of the Social Competence Center.

What is the ASI Social Competence Center and why was it created?

The Social Competence Center (SCC) is a function within ASI that oversees social requirements for several Standards that ASI accredits for. The SCC reviews the ability to audit specific social benchmarks across Standards and build internal capacity within ASI Assessors to identify social risks when performing accreditation audits. The SCC was created to meet five primary objectives:

  • Enhance social auditing competency amongst ASI Assessors
  • Highlight and address potential social risks based on global economic changes and the World Bank Governance Indicators (WGI)
  • Review with individual scheme owners their social auditing protocols and subsequently develop an ASI procedure to perform social assessments across schemes
  • Monitor and review non-conformances issued related to social performance across schemes
  • Work with stakeholders and interested parties in countries where CABs perform certification and obtain intelligence on current and future social risks

What are the short and long-term goals of the SCC?

Short-term goals of the SCC will be to engage internally with ASI Assessors and perform a training need assessment related to objective social compliance auditing. The immediate goal will also be to identify and engage with stakeholders to address social risks for schemes and convert these into auditing protocol in line with specific scheme requirements when performing accreditation audits. Long-term goals will be to develop an ASI procedure to perform social assessments and train all ASI Assessors involved in auditing social parameters.

What do the different team members bring to the table?

The ASI Social Competence Centre comprises of a team that has worked across industries, performed social assessments in the supply chain across 30 countries, worked with an international social accountability NGO and performed accreditation audits for the SA8000 Standard. The team is diverse and rich with social accountability experience from the ground with knowledge of cultures across eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East, central and southeast Asia and the Far East. The team also possesses ISO management system auditing qualifications.

ASI is pleased to welcome these three experts to the team. With any questions about the ASI Social Competence Center, please contact Sanjiv Singh.