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ASI welcomes FSC Training Providers to apply for approval as training providers or for approval of FSC training courses. The application form may be downloaded here. Training providers may be accredited CABs or other organizations.

FAQs about the process can be found here.

The FSC Auditor and Training qualification criteria have been defined by FSC-STD-20-001 v4.0 section 3.1 and Annex 2 as well as FSC-PRO-20-004 v1.2 – General Requirements for an FSC Training program. ASI developed the FSC Auditor and Training Registry (ASI-PRO-20-112) and FSC Evaluation and Approval of training programs (ASI-PRO-20-115), based on the process and qualification requirements described in the above FSC standards. FSC Auditors are required to undertake training courses which are developed in line with FSC-PRO-20-004 v1.2, and evaluated and approved by ASI, in order to meet the FSC Auditor qualification requirements.

The approval of Training Courses follows relevant ASI assessment procedures. Training Course approval is carried out and documented as a regular ASI assessment.

Learn more about the application process here. Completed application forms should be sent to