for (ASI-ACC-016 [Trademark License Code FSC® A000504]) since 25 July 2005
Current accreditation valid since 31 October 2015

Scope: FSC Forest Management, FSC Chain of Custody (v4.0) certification worldwide (excluding Forest Management certification in Russia).

Contact Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS:
Eddie Gruber
Le Triangle de l´Arche 8, Cours du Triangle, CS 90096
92937 La Défense Cedex

Tele: +33 (0)1 55 24 77 03
Fax: +33 1 55 24 70 35

Former Accreditation Code: FSC-ACC-020

Download Accreditation Certificate and Annex here.

Previous Suspensions/Changes in Scope:

On 05 January 2015, Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS (BV) was suspended for FSC Forest Management (FM) certification in Russia (previous suspension was lifted as of same date). On 30 March 2015, the accredited scope for BVC was reduced to exclude Forest Management Certification in Russia (this change in scope also formally ended the previous suspension status for FM in Russia).

On 19 October 2016 BVC was suspended for FSC CoC and FM worldwide. Grounds for suspension: ASI-PRO-20-101-Accreditation-V4.0, 13.1.3. On 18 April 2017 the suspension period was extended for an additional 2 months. The suspension was lifted on 28 April 2017.