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ASI has published the updated Trademark Policy, which can be downloaded here. The policy covers all uses of the ASI Logo and the ASI Symbol, a tool for CABs to demonstrate that their certification services meet the standards set by the respective accreditation programs managed by ASI.

With the publication of the new policy, ASI has adopted a more holistic process for managing CAB accreditation records. A new ASI Accreditation Code has replaced the former scheme-specific accreditation codes for each CAB. Even in the case of multiple accreditations, each CAB now has only one ASI Accreditation Code. You can see the code next to the date of accreditation under each CAB record here.

Further, ASI has created a new Accreditation Certificate for all accredited CABs, with a digital annex comprising details of the accreditation, including scope(s), dates and relevant standards. You can download each CAB’s Accreditation Certificate under their CAB record here.

For questions on the new Trademark Policy or on CAB Certificates, please contact