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We are pleased to announce the new ASI Fee Schedule, which will take effect as of 01 January 2018. You can download the Fee Schedule here. Please note that the current Fee Schedule (v3) will remain effective until the end of 2017.

The new Annual Service Fee for MSC CABs is only applicable for CABs that hold an MSC accreditation with ASI. The Annual Service Fee does not apply to other accreditation programs.

The new structure for MSC CABs is a complete overhaul of our previous Fee Schedule and aims to give accredited CABs improved predictability and decreased volatility of costs. It is a combination of a basal fee per CAB and a fee per certificate in the CAB’s portfolio.

The new Annual Service Fee will replace all regular ASI Service Fees, including:
• all assessments that are part of the regular assessment plan,
• regular re-accreditation assessments and
• all expenses and travel costs that occur during these assessments
• all costs for translators as well as Local and Technical Experts
• the Accreditation Committee Fee as part of the 5-year re-accreditation

MSC CABs will no longer be charged the Annual Accreditation Fee. For CABs that hold multiple accreditations with ASI including MSC, a reduction in the Annual Accreditation Fees will still apply.

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