The ASI Board of Directors provides external oversight of ASI’s operations to strengthen the competence, independence and impartiality of the organization.

Current Members


Greg Swan founded Bureau Veritas Quality International (North America) and served as its president until 2001. Since then, he has continuously worked within the third-party auditing and certification industry, helping to scale up several major North American and European certification bodies. As a consultant for the Basel Action Network, he designed and implemented a third-party certification program for electronics scrap recyclers. Greg served as a member of the ASI Accreditation Committee since 2012, and was appointed as Board Chair in July 2015.


KKim_112im Carstensen has been the Director General of the Forest Stewardship Council since October 2012. Prior to joining FSC, he managed FairGreenSolutions, an environmental strategy and sustainable development consultancy that, among other things, helped link the concepts of ‘Green Economy’ and sustainable development for clients in the Global South. He also led WWF International’s Global Climate Initiative and WWF Denmark, where he worked on issues related to global environment and development policy. He is trained as a sociologist.


Ken_112Ken Commins has been involved in the organic sector for 35 years. In 1990, he played a leading role in establishing the IFOAM accreditation program. He managed this program from 1992 to 1997 when he became Executive Director of the newly established International Organic Accreditation Service, a position he held for the next 14 years. Ken is a qualified auditor and has conducted numerous audits of organic certification bodies for both private and regulatory programs as well as conducting internal audits of accreditation bodies. He has a degree in economics.


Michael_112Michael E. Conroy, PhD, is an independent member of ASI’s Board of Directors. He is a retired academic economist (University of Texas, Yale University, and Oxford University), foundation program officer (Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Brothers Fund), and analyst of the voluntary certification field. He previously served on the initial Supervisory Board of FLO-CERT, as well as on the boards of Fair Trade USA, Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO), FSC-US and FSC International. He is currently board chair of Equitable Origin Inc. His book, Branded! How the ‘Certification Revolution’ Is Transforming Global Corporations, has been distributed widely.


Veronica2Verónica García Malo has been involved with activities of accreditation, standardization and conformity assessment systems since 1983. Her extensive background includes senior roles in the UNFCCC and standardization organizations in Mexico, assessment and peer evaluation activities as a lead assessor and technical expert, and work in regional, national and international projects and forums. She has served as a peer evaluator for the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and is an Accreditation Panel Member of the UNFCCC CDM. She currently serves as CEO and General Director of FRASO Alliance, a consulting firm for accreditation, standardization, conformity assessment and climate change.


Anthony_SebastianAnthony Sebastian is co-founder of aonyx Consultancy, specializing in conservation planning for development projects, initiatives and programs across the Asian region. He has worked in 27 countries with governments, companies and non-governmental agencies. Tony has served as president of the Malaysian Nature Society, Malaysia’s largest and oldest membership-based nature society, and as the Chairman of FSC’s International Board of Directors. He is a prolific writer, an accredited public speaker, and an active advocate for nature conservation and the preservation of human history through museums and archaeological sites.


Guntars_112Guntars Lagūns was appointed ASI Managing Director in January 2012 and is an ex officio member of the ASI Board. Prior to his appointment, he led the FSC accreditation program and conducted FSC accreditation audits in over 30 countries over 7 years. Guntars holds an MSc in Forest Policy and Economics and a BSc in Forestry. His background includes both timber production management and development services for forest certification and rural communities. Guntars aims to carry a fly-fishing rod in his luggage wherever he travels.