ASI supports developing and established certification schemes and sustainability initiatives to increase impact and ensure credibility and effectiveness of their assurance systems. We focus on delivering practical and enduring results.

We offer insight and assurance services to sustainability schemes and initiatives. Our distinct perspective comes from more than a decade of experience assuring the implementation of voluntary sustainability standards on the ground.


ASI Assurance and Development Services include:

Creating new assurance models:

  • designing, building and implementing custom assurance systems
  • fit-for-purpose assurance based on supply chain and business models
  • alignment with the ISEAL Codes of Good Practice

Putting data to work:

  • cloud-based IT solutions enabling data management and ownership
  • data integration and analysis and knowledge-sharing
  • intelligence gathering through stakeholder engagement

Developing enduring processes:

  • disputes management processes and implementation plans
  • Theory of Change and M&E systems
  • testing verification systems and evaluating training providers


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