ASI is an assurance partner for leading voluntary sustainability standards and initiatives around the world. As a peer-evaluated, full member of the ISEAL Alliance, ASI operates a quality management system based on ISO/IEC 17011:2004 requirements for accreditation bodies.

ASI offers international accreditation to Conformity Assessment Bodies wishing to audit against voluntary sustainability standards around the world. Find out more about ASI international accreditation.

ASI supports developing and established certification schemes and sustainability initiatives to increase impact and ensure credibility and effectiveness of their assurance systems. Find out more about ASI Assurance & Development Services.


ASI Vision, Mission, Values




ASI’s Managing Director (MD) is responsible for the integrity of ASI’s international accreditation services. The MD has the authority to make accreditation decisions and review organizational performance. The MD is supported by the ASI Accreditation Committee, a panel of independent experts who review ASI assessment reports, ensuring that the process provides enough information for sound accreditation decisions and that the recommendations included are justified. The ASI Board of Directors provides external oversight of ASI’s operations to ensure competence, independence and impartiality. ASI was founded in 2006, and is owned by the Forest Stewardship Council A.C. ASI operates as a GmbH in a non-profit distributing manner.